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DIY VECTOR LOGO Course at the WEA – Adelaide

I love teaching! I did it a lot in my floristry business. I just get so much joy when I see the light bulb illuminate when people get new skills.

Whilst there is a HUGE increase in people doing their own logos, it drives me bonkers that they don’t have the right idea or skills behind it. 

A logo needs to be able to be increased and decreased in size and still be readable and in high resolution. For future protection they also need to be unique or use elements that are correctly licensed for commercial use to be able to be trademarked.

Utilising AI logo generators and using the elements available on Canva does not satisfy these elements. You need to use a Vector program, and for that you need to learn how to use them! That’s where this course comes in 🙂

DIY Logo Course - Adelaide

WEA – 223 Angas Street, Adelaide SA

After chatting to the lovely ladies behind the WEA, I’m getting back into the class room! I’m really excited to share some skills with people again. This course will go over 3 sessions, each 3 hours long. We will start with idea generation, colour psychology, typography and feeling words, and move through initial sketches and drafting before getting onto devices and using the pen tool to create your logo. 

This class will require you to bring a device, either a laptop or a tablet. We will be using various software to make the logo depending on the devices but the most important part is learning how to use the pen tool and bezier arcs to make shapes which can be scaled to whatever size you want and maintaining a clear image. 

The classes will be on Monday nights starting March the 4th, with a week off for a public holiday, so you will have time to really think about which direction you want to go in and try out different ideas, get feedback and recommendations, before we come together again and make your logo. 

And the greatest part – It’s only $134! Yep, super great price to do your own vector logo, learn to adjust it and master lifelong skills. 



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