Dahlia Creative Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Amy!

I’m loud, I love colour and I say LOL when something’s funny.

Graphic design hasn’t always been my thing, it’s not something that was in my blood that I just fell into. I worked hard, studied harder and make some really terrible things while working up to much better designs.

I spent my teenage years learning HTML and making websites (Geocities anyone?!), while studying sport science, medicine and multimedia. My early 20’s were spent as a website coder, IT tech support, administration and – can you believe it – a store manager for a pizza shop.

Then I fell in love, got addicted to weddings and became a parent and a florist, working 60 hour weeks creating wedding florals for events big and small while surviving night feeds and school runs. Sounds exhausting right?

So one day, I decided I needed a change. I’m creative and good with computers so a Communication Design degree sounded like a good fit. University as an adult with a family and full time work was a carefully crafted juggling act, add Covid-19 restrictions and a full semester on Zoom and I’ve finally come out with a degree with new hopes and dreams. Check out my Study Journey in the blog if you want to see some of the madness!

So what ‘s happening with Dahlia Creative?

I’m starting from scratch with a new business and I’m loving it! I enjoy watching micro businesses go from nothing to something amazing and take pride in being part of the journey. I want to work with like minded businesses who can see value in interesting designs.

Learning new processes and methods of making amazing things keeps me excited about Graphic Design, it feels like a never ending journey. I have equal fascination between print products and online assets, and especially love working with both to build the brand of a business. If I sound like someone you’d like to work with, get in touch!

Amy and her kids, husband and computer

A bit more about me!

Must Have…

  • My Kindle Unlimited Membership – I read lots, like A LOT! Romance mostly, and pretty much every sub-genre of romance.
  • Donuts, pink icing and sprinkles and I’m there.
  • Herbal Tea – licorice and peppermint is my fav.

Can’t Stand…

  • Caffeine – I’m actually allergic to it, Coffee Cola, and Chocolate, yep all the good stuff LOL.
  • Running – I just don’t understand the point. If the dinosaurs come back I’ll learn how. 
  • Waking up – I struggle with sleep but I hate waking up when I finally get there!

Wish For…

  • Balance class at the gym, I especially love the bit at the end where you lay down and do nothing.
  • Travel – I love seeing amazing things but haven’t been anywhere since Covid broke everything.
  • Freedom – shopping without checking my bank balance, and taking the day off when I need it.