dahlia creative Adelaide graphic designer

Adelaide- based graphic designer, who loves branding, websites and surface patterns.

I’ve been involved in design in some form or another for nearly two decades, starting in website coding before moving into floral design and then circling right back around to graphic design and surface pattern design.

My natural style is a little bit quirky, I live and breathe website keywords and I’m allergic to caffeine so do all this on apples and sunshine!

Get in touch if you would like to work with me ūüôā

Let’s Work together!

More than just a logo, it is a cohesive selection of elements such as colour palette, typography, icons, patterns.

Creative websites, which are responsive across multiple devices and optimised for search engines (SEO.)

Business cards, flyers, stationery, posters and more, printed right here in South Australia. 

Assets made for websites, social media, online courses and other digital documents. 

Make your products standout. Illustration and design combine, making seamless patterns available for licensing.

Do you have a product that would benefit from a partnership with a graphic designer? Get in touch and lets work together!