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Design Books on Kindle Unlimited

I’m a reader, like the addicted kind who has gone past the 365 consecutive days in a row on her Kindle quite some time ago! I read romance, yes I’m one of those women. But not the Mills and Boons type romance your mum used to read. I read the werewolf and vampire kind, the creepy dark kind and the “what the hell did I just read” kind!

I love my Kindle Unlimited membership, it’s pretty essential with how many books I read, but every now and then I hit a wall and need something else to read so I can keep my consecutive day stats going. I’ve borrowed each of these books! But the prices are pretty good if you’d rather purchase them. I’ve included the link for US and AU kindle accounts, I’m in Australia but I have my Kindle setup as a US Kindle because of perks. And these are Amazon affiliate links so if you purchase anything I might make some dollars at no cost to you!

kindle unlimited for graphic designers


General Design

Design Profit & Prosper: A Surface Pattern and Craft Designer’s Guide to Making Money by Carina Gardner – (AU) (US) (UK) – This books was great for motivation, she is all about working smarter not harder and her history was great. The think what I like most about this Author is that she is still working in Design so she know what she writes.

Quick And Easy Vector Graphics: Learn the 5 basic skills that will have you creating icons, logos, illustrations and UI in minutes – (AU) (US) (UK) – I have a graphic design degree and I still learnt lots form this book. Everything was explained so simply and the exercises taught me some new ways of doing things!

Learn to Draw

Initially I tried some learn to draw books but switching between Kindle and Procreate on my iPad was driving me a bit batty. So I opened these on my phone kindle app instead so I could work along with it together.

The Book of Botanical Tangles 2: Learn Tangles and Line Drawings to Create Your own Botanical Art by MZ Creates – (AU) (US) (UK) – This one was fascinating. The tangles was something I’ve never learnt about before and it really helped me with my surface pattern challenges.

Floral Planner Doodles: 101 Step-By-Step Botanical Drawings – (AU) (US) (UK) – Each flower was done in 4 squares, super easy to follow through. Specifically for beginners. 

Hand Lettering

I started with printing the worksheets and doing by hand but changed pretty quickly to screen shotting, importing into Procreate and doing them with my Apple pen instead. That way I could delete the layer and do it multiple times.

Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy for Beginners: Learn the Art of Creative Lettering by Learning Through Play – (AU) (US) (UK)

B is for Boner – A Hand Lettering and Calligraphy Workbook for Naughty Adults – (AU) (US) (UK) – I did a lot of giggling with these worksheets!

Hand Letter Like An Artist (Hand Lettering Book 1) – (AU) (US) (UK) – I really enjoyed the worksheets in this one! Super beginner. 


Let me know if you try any of them! or if you have any other recommendations 🙂