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What the Wix? My attempt at making a website with this popular platform.

You know those tv shows where they show video snippets of them talking about their progress, while they are clean and not covered in food while their kitchen was burning down in the previous take. Yer so this isn’t like that! I’m doing it in between edits because it takes that log for the pages to load, I have enough to write a blog post!!!

I’m doing a web design subject at Tafe, and we have to make a 3 page site using an online platform. And it can’t be a WordPress.org (which is what this website is, it’s the open source software sitting on my server) it would have to be wordpress.com (no thanks) or one of the other online ones like Squarespace or Wix. And so many people tell me you can make amazing websites on Wix for way cheaper then hiring a WordPress designer. Pfft. And why don’t I just get credit for this subject because obviously I know websites? Well if I was going to do that for one subject, wouldn’t I do it for the rest? I have a degree for goodness sakes. I’m doing the damn subject! 

So signing up was easy enough. The website is slow. I had to shut down my Facebook page because there were too many windows open and Wix was crying. Something I don’t have to do when I’m working on my own wordpress site (and 3 others!) But whatever, I’ll let it control me for now. 


Getting the site started was ok. Or at least it was. Some things you can’t do unless you move to 100% zoom. And when I click between the 100% zoom page and the Quick Edit page, there is an annoyingly long page load time, and then SOME THINGS HAVE CHANGED!!!! And I had to change them back again only for them to change AGAIN! Making a header took way too long to look right on pc, tablet and mobile. 


I can’t find padding or margin settings. There is layout settings, but for sections like testimonials, gallery and newsletter, you have to load ANOTHER page to edit the settings and I still can’t find padding. My gallery is full page. No outside header and it upsets my eyes greatly. We need SOME WHITE SPACE!


And here is my biggest peeve of today (and I’m only on the first page, there will be more days and more peeves!) is that when the page has changed in between moving from 100% soon and quick edit, 2 of my sections have shrunk into itself. I can use the arrows and pull down the testimonial section, but the newsletter section which is above it, I can edit it. I cant stretch it out, and there is no manual override anywhere where I can change the section size using numbers. This is the problem with drag and drop systems that don’t have a text override. THE DRAG AND DROP AIN’T WORKING HUNNY! 

So I have to delete them and add them ALL OVER AGAIN because I can’t change the settings of the section which is overlapped by others. 


The header has jumped on top of the gallery and the newsletter section now!!! Death to 100% zoom.

Rather than fume violently and dream about smashing my laptop through I window, I googled Wix and Safari on Mac and it turns out it doesn’t like my version of Safari, WELL GREAT!

So I’m pausing this experiment for not until my son goes to bed and I can use the gaming PC he is currently robloxing on.