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Wage Books – Paying staff can be more fun to look at!

I work one day a week in a florist shop, keeping just a little hold on my long time love of playing with flowers. And it was there that I decided to do this idea. We have those light brown wage books that you get from Officeworks, if you’ve ever worked for a small business you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. 

But I looked online and tried to find something a bit nicer on the eyes, and there wasn’t something so I make them myself and had them published on Amazon KDP. I painstakingly made the inside template, reworking from what works and left room for people to make them work better for them by not itemising the overtime types and having a section for super. Laos making it fit the 6 by 9 inch standard that Amazon likes to use (unlike our favourable A5 sizing)

Employee wage book self published

I made some pretty covers, the first 2 were something I made using assets from Creative Fabrica, just a collection of vectors on nice background colours, and eventually I made new covers using patterns and vectors I had made myself. I had always planned to remove the covers made from other peoples work but they sell really well so I’ve left them up. 

But whilst I made these with Australian wage conditions in mind, even mentions ABN and Super accounts in the front records, they actually sell far better in the UK, which totally fascinates me!

The price is higher than the Officework basics, but its also four times as many page because the cost of printing a 25 page book is the same as a 100 page book so I figured we may as well take it all the way! And really, what’s a few extra dollars for something that gives you joy when you look at it rather than the plain basics. 

If you want a certain cover, let me know and I’ll design it and pop it up on Amazon for you, they are even delivered under Prime which is great! Here are some of the ideas I want to add in the next few months:

  •  Australiana flowers and leaves
  • Really bright contrasty painted textures
  • Maybe some cute motivational slogans
  • Some hand drawing when I figure that out