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Drawing Frogs – A TAFE illustration assignment

This was a TAFE assignment for Illustration class. We had to draw a character from a fairytale to animate with simple movements. 

Now those who know a bit about me know I cant draw very well. I generally chop together a bunch of photos in a collage and then draw over the shape to make it what I want. But I decided to try drawing by hand for this assignment. I used a number of resources, specifically YouTube videos and Kindle drawing books. I’ve listed the resources I used below 🙂

YouTube Videos

Kindle Books

My Sketches

Yep lets all laugh together. It started out pretty horrible and got a bit more horrible by the end!  But they looked similar to the ones in the videos and ebooks. Mostly. LOL!

Digital Illustration

Now this is where I make up for my crappy sketching! The Illustrator Pen tool and I… we’re buddies, we work together well!

I played with different strokes and a layouts to make some vectors. That’s the first 3. Then I exported as a PSD and playing in photoshops with layer styles for the next 2. Then settled on the last image. 

Animate It!

Now the last part of this TAFE assignment was to make a small animation from our illustration. Simple moments like waving or blinking is all that was required to pass the assessment. I wanted to make him dance!! But I only had so much time, so waving it is. 

This was done in photoshop! I had zero clue you could do animation in photoshop so I’m totally excited about playing with this some more when I get some spare time. 

Froggy says stay tuned for more drawing adventures!