Dahlia Creative Graphic Designer

I’m a student again! TAFE Diploma just because

I finished my Communication Design degree in 2021, got my parchment and wore the gown in early 2022. To actually finish this degree, it was everything to me, a real bucket list item.

But my plan on what to do with my degree changed. I wanted to do the Masters of Education so I could go into high schools and teach design and tech. When I made the plan in my second year it was an 18 months addition course. But in my 3rd year they decide not to offer that option anymore so I started to build my design business up from nothing ready to take over the world once I finished. 

But 6 months on with the wind down of my floristry business eminent I starting thinking about teaching again. I LOVE teaching workshops in my floristry business, seeing that lightbulb go off of in peoples heads when they just get it. I love it. So when a lecturer position came up, I made some new career goals!

And towards the end of 2022 that opportunity became available to me. So in the hopes of adding a graphic design lecturer to my otherwise very self-employed resume I’m at TAFE doing my Diploma of Graphic Design. Now I know what your thinking – “but you have a degree!” – yes I know, but what better way to learn how to teach then to experience it yourself right! And Tafe and Uni are very different in their delivery of education.

Some of the assignments are similar to my Uni ones, but came together very differently. There is no extensive work files to document the creative journey like there was in Uni, but a project file which expects you to have the brain power of a gnat and write down really basic things like file type and folder structures for each and every assignment. I actually didn’t pass the initial assessments for a few of these because I forgot that common sense doesn’t exist in project files and I didn’t mention that my print read PDF was going to be printed. It’s easy to forget how second nature some of these things are to me now. I’m thankful my brain is less gnat and more bunny after many years of training!

But here below you can see the work I made for the Diploma. I wanted to do it REALLY FAST, so I did 7 subject in a term which was INSANE and I recommend no one do that ever!