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Doodle A Day – January

This is my first drawing challenge. Well, I’ve started a few, maybe a day or two here and there. But this is the first one I”m going to complete. EVERY DAY! Go me, we’ll see!

All these are drawn by me. They could be hand drawn then scanned and digitised, or drawn on my iPad in Procreate, or created right in Illustrator with the pen tool. I’m trying to use lots of different skills in this months challenge so  see if I find a favourite.

1. Cottage


crystal repeating pattern spoon flower

2. Crystals

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3. Moth

5. Woodland Path

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5. Talisman


6. Fairy

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dark space repeating pattern wallpaper spoon flower

7. Celestial

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8. Secret Cupboard


9. Old Books


illustration challenge feline

10. Feline


11 – Witchcraft


Floral lines repeating pattern laptop bag

12. Wild Flower

13 – Key


14 – Mushrooms


15 – Moonlit Gardens


Yep that’s as far as I made it lol. MY BAD!

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