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Design Emporium UK Design Challenge

This design came from me having a design challenge entry and a Tafe assignment due on the same day and only 12 hours left to pull them both off! So I jumped on my iPad, used some of my old photos from when I was doing floristry full time and started drawing.

The design challenge with Design Emporium UK was a colour palette challenge. So I made using similar colours and once I brought it into Illustrator and vectored it, I changed the colours to the right palette. 

For Tafe, I worked with totally different colours and added in some paint swashes to suit the assignment. See if you can work out which one it is on my TAFE Summary post!

Spoonflower Calendar Design Challenge

And just to continue recycling something I’ve also used these assets to make a wall hanging calendar for the Spoonflower challenge. This was my first time making a one of these designs. With a special tag it gets shown only on tea towels and wall hangings, and if you order the fabric as a yard, you get 2 of the prints. 

Grab yours HERE 🙂

calendar design

Greeting Cards

Changing the colours a bit and adding a rough white outline sketch over the top, I used the assets on some cards. 

I printed this the very next day and distributed them to some of my stockists pretty quickly and they are also available in the PRINT SHOP

greeting cards pinned in Adelaide Australia

Additional Colourways

And then because I couldn’t stop, I was on a roll here. I made 2 other colour ways of this pattern and put them up on Spoonflower and Etsy

Seaside Coral – Navy blue, turquoise, red and coral on a baby blue base. 

Peppermint Lilac – Lilac, fuchia, mint, baby pink on a deep purple base. 

I also made solid colour prints and extra pattern types in these colour ways on Spoonflower for those who love making coordinated designs 🙂

Stay Tuned for more, I really love these motifs!

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