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Kids Athletics and Netball Journals

The Idea

This one started out as a favour for a friend. Her daughter was involved in Little Athletics and Netball and wanted a journal to document her journey, and mum wanted a way to keep all her records together. But they evolved into something more! Including colouring in pages, inspirational quotes and page to record memories along the way, I also made stickers for the Netball Journals.

The Process

I researched a lot of currently available journals and log books and found a real hole that I could slot into. There were journals for older athletes but nothing that was designed for the younger athletes that incorporated colouring-in to keep them engaged with their journalling for longer. 

I drew up some basic layouts and got some feedback on what was useful and what was redundant. And decorated the pages with purchased assets. The thing that took the longest was finding quotes that fit the space and was encourage and age appropriate.

The Final Product

These were printed right here in the northern suburbs of South Australia and I got to help my favourite printer (Sally Ann from Minuteman Press at Salisbury South) supervise the printing (hahaha) and handed over the coils. These were too good to just print one so I made more and started selling them in my Print Shop

A similar version without the coil binding and different covers are available on Amazon, available with free delivery if you have a Prime membership. 

Purchase: Coil Bound – Dahlia Creative Print Shop or Perfect Bound – Amazon

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