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A Cup of Zodiac

Book Cover Design – A Cup of Zodiac by Alexis Gorgon

I am an avid reader, more than avid, addicted even. Romance is my fav, all the types, rom com, dark romance, monster, mafia, reverse harem, mm, you name it and I’ve probably read something in the category!

It’s been my dream to make a book cover and see it actually get used for a book. I also want to publish a book but that’s a whole other story and way more work! I think it’s part of my way of living forever bucket list plan, to make something that will live on after I’m gone.

So I offered my services, and worked with a lovely author to see if I could bring her idea alive. I started with reading her book – available on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon if anyone is interested – A Cup of Zodiac

Everything was made custom, including the characters, which were drawn on my laptop. The background gradient was inspired by a purple sunset photo. The main characters feature in the sky. The cup colour was guided by the author but I think it looked better in a more pale colour because it was more true to life for a Italian coffee cup, but accuracy isn’t really as important as the quick impression of the cover as a tiny thumbnail and the bright pink is definitely more impactful then the paler colour. 

My cover didn’t hit the mark, the author went with another designer, but I really enjoyed the process and the 10+ hours has to count for something so here it is sitting pretty in my portfolio 🙂

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