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Summer Dreams and Night Skies

Sweet Dreams Bedding Design Challenge

I was really looking forward to this one! I love stars and wanted to do a pattern featuring them. I started making stars with sunnies and hats and weird smiles on them. But then I got ahead of myself and totally forgot about the design brief (a common occurrence, thanks ADHD.)

So changing to night time stars I removed all the cool objects and put them all to sleep, and added in some moons and filled the space with clouds to make it an ugly contrasting design. To add details to the open spaces I added mini stars both filled and unfilled as well as little crosses and dots to add some texture otherwise empty blue areas. 

And then because I could stop, I went back to the day stars and made matching day time patterns with 2 different coloured rainbows. And Loving all the star shapes I created I made another coordinating pattern. On my way to a full collection, i’ll come back and make some filler patterns eventually!

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