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The Client

Irena is a specialised tailor who works on liturgical wear and mens suits. She wants to bring colour and class back into menswear with her own artistic touch. 

The Problem

Being a new business, the branding needed signify the type of work that Irene does as tailors can specialise in very different types of work. 

The brief used words such as velvet, jacquard, artsy men who love colour, a discreet monk hood, edgy and mysterious. I was supplied the desired colour palette and got to work with learning about the tailoring industry.

The Solution

The main logo was inspired by jacquard fabrics, and hidden inside the swirls is a monks hood and some shapes inspired by French Curve tools. 

As well as a main logo, I also made a more basic layout which would fit in a more square shape for tags, and a round logo just because I liked it! I also saved the type separately as well to use when Irena wants to keep things simple. 

Using the monk hood, dots and swirls, I made some repeating patterns to use for packaging and print materials. 

Benedetto branding mini style sheet

Main Logo

Main logo as part of a branding package

Alternative Logos

Repeating Patterns

You can follow Irena’s work on Instagram. I especially loved seeing how her logo translated to woven clothing labels!

woven labels using logo
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