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The Assignment.

The assignment was about researching design trends and technology trends, and pushing ourselves to learn something new to make a design product. It’s actually one of the final subjects of the Graphic Design Diploma at Tafe SA, although I did my subjects out of order so I didn’t do it at the end. 

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage new designers to look at what the trends are and to learn how to use those trends in current work. I chose to focus on maximalism for the design trend and a iPad app for the technology trend. 

The Process

I was ‘blessed’ with another covid-cation and so decided that was the perfect week to learn something new. I had seen many videos about this app on TikTok but only had the free version which wasn’t all that exciting. So $20 later and I had the full version of Art Set 4 and wow holy WOW did I have some fun! 

I made these bright maximalist styled backgrounds, and the program even produced a video of the production which I have included as well. The video is on super speed to keep file size down, it took much longer to make than the 30 second video!

The Final Product

This project has been sitting in my head for quote some time! I found a personal opportunity to get it done during a subject of the TAFE diploma that I’m doing. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted them to do look like, just that I wanted to do them.

I love how bright and textured they are. Since finishing this assignment I have filled out of love with the font and am going to use the background idea for another project. 

But if you’re interested in something like, then let me know and I might actually produce this!

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