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Pretty Crazy Leopard Print

Spoonflower Design Challenge
– Abstract Animal Print Curtains

This was one of my first designs to go up on Spoonflower, and looking back on it after the challenge finished I did learn some things. Like scale, I really didn’t get my head around the designs entry previews!

This isn’t too abstract but I always wanted to do a bight crazy animal print. So many of my favourite designers have made a bright animal print and I just wanted to fit in hahaha!

This was maybe my 5th attempt, the 4 tries before were a mess. And it was the night before the cut-off, when I was at my son’s soccer practice that I whipped this one up on the iPad. I swear I get so much drawing done during soccer practice, but it’s still not winter yet so I doubt that will be happening when it’s gets REAL COLD!

This pattern is available on lots of items from Redbubble, an employee wage book from Amazon and as a digital file from Etsy.

This was made using Procreate on my iPad using an iPencil. Mixing different brush strokes to make some texture for the colour component and a smooth brush for the black shapes. 

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