Dahlia Creative Graphic Designer

Templewood House

I met Travis during my wedding floristry days, and really enjoy making beautiful things for him. It all started with a poster!

PRINT DESIGN: They host a number of events at Templewood House, from wedding open days to fun live music events. I have created posters and social media tiles for a number of their events. Rather than keeping them all the same, it is only the logo that remains common between poster designs. I choose different typography and colour themes to suit the images they want to feature and the style of event they are hosting. 

WEBSITE DESIGN: A brand new website for Tempewood House, I combined some aesthetic chooses from Travis with a highly functional layout that worked across browsers and devices which incorporated images, videos, text and links to other suppliers. It was important to provide future bride and grooms with the information they need  and encourage them to seek further information or make a booking.



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