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Julie-Anne Rogers Psychology

The Client

Julie-Anne and I have worked together before when she worked for a different Psychology clinic. Now that she was branching out on her own, she needed branding that suits her and her business. 

The Problem

Starting out on her own Julie-Anne needed branding that made her stand out against her competitors while helping her target the audience she wanted to work with. We discussed the direction she was going and decided on a call and calming colour palette (Thank you to Coolors for making that easy!) and combining it with some hand drawn text to show a personal approach.

Working with the ideas that Julie-Anne had and various colour palettes and font choices I work through a number of ideas before settling on the final design outcome. You can see a bit of this process in the image below. 

graphic design process for small business branding design

The Solution

I really enjoyed this branding project!  The brand package included a logo, an alternate logo, and icon and a pattern. I also included a gradient so that we had a collection of graphic elements to use for her new website. I used her branding assets to make a business card and some notepads she can use in her clinic. 

The Website

Using her new branding elements, I designed her website to suit the content provided. A few pages with information and an easy way for lets to contact or book was essential for Julie-Anne to engage with her potential clients. Having the branding done first, made the website design easy as I already had background images and the general feel of the site worked out. 

Website: www.julieannerogerspsychology.com.au


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