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Getting Listed on Google

Sometimes it can take a few weeks for your website to start showing up on google. You can help to speed this up by posting your website on your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn as a start) and for signing up for a Google Business Profile. You can also sign up for Google Webmaster Tools but that’s a bigger job for another blog post. 

A Google Business Profile allows you to show up on the top section (under sponsored links) of local searches when people mention a location. For example “dog food adelaide,” if you show you a small map and list the closest to the location (or listed the best match for the location due to keywords and other magical google algorithms.)


Benefits of a Google Business Profile

  • You can add opening hours, contact details, website links and photo which helps potential customers make decisions about engaging with your business. 
  • You show up in Google Maps which can be helpful when people are out and about and using google maps to find the closest business type. 
  • Google reviews are somewhat trusted by online searchers, you have an opportunity to convert potential customers with the help of previous customers. 


Get started with Google Business Profile

  1. Your business might already have part of a profile setup. If it comes up in search, there might be an option to “claim this business.” 
  2. If none exists, sign up to Google Business Profile, it is best to not sign up with your personal google account. Start one purely for business use so that if you hire someone to help with your marketing down the line you can keep your personal accounts personal. 
  3. Add your business information, including your business name and business type. You need to be selling a product or a service to start a Business Profile Account. 
  4. Add your location. If you are online only you will put your website. If you are brick and mortar you put your shop/office address. If you want to keep your address private you can drop a pin for a location so that people know what country and area you service. 
  5. Add your contact information, your phone number and/or email address. These will be listed publicly but they also become buttons for people to get in touch quickly and easily. 
  6. You need to verify that you are a real business. If you have entered a physical location for your business then they will post you out a code. If you haven’t entered public address, you will have to give them a mailing address to get your code. This stops fake businesses from listing. 
  7. Keep adding to your listing by adding photos, opening hours, and short bios. Some business types can also add menus, star ratings, onsite amenities, services and other labels. Spend some time looking into all the options to further enhance your listing. This is an opportunity to answer your potential lead’s questions, saving you time from them calling and asking directly. 
  8. Consider your keywords. Really think about how people will find your business. What would you search for but also what would someone who doesn’t know your business search for. It isn’t always the obvious. Ask a friend or family member, or better yet, ask your current clients what words they used to find you. 
  9. Respond to reviews as they come in. Even if a review is bad, it doesn’t necessarily hurt your business potential. But how you respond to that bad review definitely will. Consider a bad review as an opportunity to make changes in your business. 
  10. Keep your details updated. Especially opening hours changes. This will enable people to know when to turn up or when to call. Not being open when you say you are is seriously annoying! Save yourself a potential bad review by keeping your business details precise.