Dahlia Creative Graphic Designer

Starting a New Business

There’s some steps that you need to do before we get started on branding. And if you don’t do all of these steps then someone else could register things and make it tricky for you.

Business Name

Your business name allows you to trade under that name. You can have multiple business names on the same ABN. You can check that your name is available by searching the ASIC Register

You can register your ABN and Business name via business.gov.au be careful of private businesses trying to get your to register through them for double the cost. Stick to the government website. 


Does the name or tagline you want to use already have a trademark on it?

Check the IP Database at https://tmchecker.ipaustralia.gov.au/start

Domain Name

If I am doing your website get in touch and I will register it for you (a .com.au is around $16-$18 a year, a .com is $24-$30)

If you’re doing your website yourself or someone else is doing it you can register it through anyone (myself included.) An Aussie business I can recommend is VentraIp.

Social Media Accounts

What accounts will you be using? If you’re starting with one, but considering adding more later, register them now so that no one else beats you to it. 

Facebook – Instagram – TikTok – Threads – Twitter – You Tube – Snap Chat – and more!


We live in a very litigious world these days. If you’re doing markets, having people at your house or going into people’s homes get your public liability insurance sorted. A monthly cost now will save you HUGE money down the track if something goes wrong.