Dahlia Creative Graphic Designer

Year Three – the last of my degree!

Things are still a bit full-on. There’s still masks in class and social distancing. The campus still feels eerie but it’s starting to come back up. 

My floristry business is still in the ground, people are afraid to book dates and those who actually do drop numbers the weeks before because people are still getting Covid and isolating. 

But it’s my last year and I’m doing this! 

And that’s how excited I went into my classes before I realised how much theory I was doing this semester. URGH, theory is boring!

What is a Designer? Macmillian Dictionary defines design as “the way that something is made so that it works in a certain way or has a certain appearance” but also as “a drawing that shows what something will look like when it is made.” Well isn’t that helpful, totally worth the MANY hours in class discussing what a designer is. My brain, it HURTS!!!!

As well as a lot of theory, we had multiple projects on the go at one time. Many a day was spent in the library with my fav study buddy Josie and all of our snacks. And when the school term and the uni term didn’t agree and I couldn’t find someone to entertain my kids, I would have one of them with me. They got so used to Uni that it was no longer exciting for them. Lukas would just wear his headphones and watch Top Gear while munching on snacks for hours and be totally at ease around all the students. 



WOAH the pressure is on. Everything we are doing this term is about preparing for a career in graphic design. But during my 3 year stint as a student, I realised I don’t want to get a job in a studio. And that’s what they are preparing us for. 

So my plan… I’m going to work for myself, as a self employed graphic and web designer. Maybe I will freelance for the studios if the opportunity comes up, but I think I’m too old and too locked down with kids and a husband to work full time in a city studio. Parking, petrol and full time OSCH, it really wouldn’t be worth the money that I would earn as a first year graduate. 

Some of this terms projects were really annoying. I had to do a resume and do mock interviews. Have you met me??? I’m not interview material, I’m blunt, I talk too fast and I treat everyone like a friend. But I had fun making the portfolio anyway, even though it might not ever be seen again!

Probably one of my most favourite subjects was the very last one I did, Digital Media! I didn’t know much about it, I really needed an extra elective and I got so busy with the kids and Scouts and my daughters Cheer comps and life in general that I didn’t pay attention to the last requirement for my degree. So I signed up for Digital Media. AND IT WAS AMAZING! 

It was about using code to make visual design. Interactive backgrounds, video game graphics and other amazing things. I was so in love with it that I was considering doing another Degree in it. Until I remembered I’m old and tired hahahaha. But below you can see the background I made for my original Dahlia Creative website. Run your mouse over it, its fun!

And for LOLs have a look at this video I made. OMG, the cringe factor!!! BUT It was a very eye opening experience to work with Adobe After Effects, I might have over did it on the transition effects and it has the OLD Dahlia Creative branding.